• Ron Lachman

Tips for your Bathroom Design

Bathrooms are one of the first rooms our clients choose to spend their budget on.

The most common reason for this are:

  • Bathrooms are an important space that we all use on a daily basis.

  • Another common reason is that bathrooms are a great resale investment you can do to increase the market price of your home. Therefore, it’s important to make sure the quality and designs are done right. In this article we gathered the best tips we have for your bathroom remodeling.

  • Less is more- The first thing I want to mention is a general point about design. We all know that feeling at the end of the day. The one where all we want to do is clean our body and mind and forget about a long day of work. A clean and balanced design with the right elements will help us reach this state. There is endless research that shows a positive correlation between the design/organized space of our surroundings to our inner feeling and state of a peaceful mind. Bathrooms are an important space that you need to design carefully to ensure that you get a clean and balanced feeling.

  • Storage space- Besides being a beautiful room it is important that your bathroom will be functional. There are few items that give us great storage space and help make the bathroom a functional space:

  • Vanity cabinet - Free standing or floating - both would be great for that purpose.

  • Medicine cabinet - Many options available. When space allows for it a recessed option is great for a clean look.

  • Wall cabinets over the toilet - Can be used with same finish as the vanity cabinet to keep the aesthetics clean.

  • Porcelain tile- Clients want tile that is easy to maintain and durable. For this we always recommend to use porcelain tile. There is even porcelain tile that has the look of marble look. For those who want that marble finish but not to break the bank...porcelain tile is the perfect option!

  • Shower/tub glass door- Frameless shower glass doors are a great way to add an elegant look to the space. For a standard shower it should cost on average about $1,200. It will bring out the design of the space making it look more luxurious. We work closely with Galron sliding doors for our projects as they provide great service and are experts when working with tempered glass custom work.

  • Lighting- Lighting is one of area that can be skipped over BUT shouldn’t be. It can add a lot to the space or the opposite if done wrong. Here are few ways we like to use the element of light in our bathroom designs:

  • Over drop in/free standing tub- Elegant pendant light. Adding this small touch that has huge impact on the space.

  • Shower ceiling - Waterproof recessed spot light

  • Big master bathrooms- Can lights on dimmers. The perfect touch to use when taking a long bath.

  • Niche- A built-in shelf in the wall of the shower/tub. This is a great example of an element that adds functionality and design at the same time. There are many shapes and designs possible, here are few samples for niche design:

  • Clean and modern look - keeping the same tile as the wall tile.

  • For a more contemporary bathroom style you could mix the tile in the niche to make some interesting contrast to the wall (Moroccan tiles are great for that use!)

When renovating a bathroom we always pay attention to these points mentioned above. When we get these right your bathroom will be functional and look amazing all with the quality you looking for!

Good luck with your project and please don’t hesitate to contact us if you need help with your next project.